Non-Fiction / Short Fiction



"My Parents' Israel, My Apartheid: A South African goes home to Israel"
Anne Landsman visits Israel, reflecting on her parents' past as well as her own.
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Vanity Fair

"Tessa Hadley's Clever Girl Is Perspicacious, Romantic"
Anne Landsman reviews Tessa Hadley's novel, Clever Girl.
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Public Books

"Giving Birth To A Country"
Anne Landsman reviews NoViolet Bulawayo's shattering debut novel, We Need New Names.
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The Guardian

"No Regrets"
Anne Landsman was pregnant in New York when she heard that her father was dying on the other side of the world. Should she rush to his bedside or stay behind to protect her unborn child?
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The Sunday Telegraph: Stella Magazine

"Daddy Cool"
The bond between her husband and daughter makes Anne Landsman wish her own father could have been more demonstrative.
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Red Magazine

"The Moment My Life Changed"
'I stopped being a dutiful daughter' When Anne Landsman's father became suddenly and critically ill in another continent, it forced her to make an agonising decision.
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The Sunday Times

"If I weren't a Writer"
Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggarman, thief. For me, it was actress, veterinarian, stage designer, doctor, painter, film director, jockey, shrink.
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Psychologies Magazine

Anne Landsman Novelist
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The Believer

"Interview with Breyten Breytenbach"
Afrikaners were a bastard people, using a bastard language
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The Believer

"The Quagga"
The extinct quagga, named for its distinctive kwa-ha-ha call, was a horse of an entirely different color.

The Believer

"The Auk, Great and Little"
The great auk, now extinct, was the Northern Hemisphere's only flightless diving bird, a flamboyant, goose-sized, stubby-winged creature...

Poets & Writers Magazine

"After the Attack"
Days after the World Trade Center towers were felled, I was making one of my first tentative trips to downtown...

Jewish Book World

Novelist Anne Landsman's quest to locate the essence of the Torah's holiness led not to simple answers but a deeper understanding of the questions.
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Short Fiction

Jewish Quarterly

"First Prize"
Her face, arms and throat are covered with tiny brown freckles. She wears her reddish-brown hair twisted up and there's always a halo of cigarette smoke above her head because she smokes like a chimney. How far down do the freckles go? You whisper to Maxie in the medical school dining-room, as the fat lady behind the counter pours gravy on your chop. One day you'll be my father but right now you're twenty-five years old, unmarried and interested.
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Oprah (South Africa)

"Heat Stroke"
Drama! Intrigue! Romance! Sex! You read them here first: tiny but compelling stories of romance and revelation, from seven local and international writers.
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